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Run your responsibly! Are you enthusiastic about making a small contribution to a great whole?

Here you learn more about it:
The Hotel Seaside has set itself the goal to keep the environmental impact as low as possible, to avoid greenhouse gas emissions and to compensate the unavoidable emissions.

With a stay at Hotel Seaside, Spiez you actively contribute to a healthy environment.

Green Basis - Green Seaside

The Hotel Seaside team is committed to becoming more and more sustainable in its activities and is constantly looking for and implementing new possibilities.

  • Photovoltaic system on seven roofs (production of green electricity)
  • Heat pump for heating water, support for heating all rooms in winter and cooling the rooms in the training and (where necessary) seminar areas in summer.
  • Motion detectors for lighting the corridors (tw with manual switching in areas of high frequency)
  • Energy-saving lamps or LED lights
  • Water-saving modules on the taps
  • Raw material separation for waste disposal (including: disposal of PVC separation)
  • Outdoor lighting controlled by sensors
  • Recycled paper
  • Busbars at the workplaces
  • Cellulose cups instead of plastic cups

Meet green

Meeting rooms

  • all with daylight
  • Standby mode when equipment is not in use
  • In the colder months: blinds closed at night to reduce heat loss

Supporting programmes Culture & Nature - and lots of enjoyment
In sustainable cooperation with local and regional providers and partners:

  • Canoeing, sailing, SUP
  • Minigolf
  • Vineyard, wine tasting
  • Boat trip
  • Walk, scavenger hunt (treasure hunt)
  • Barbecue course (or chat)
  • Torchlight hike (and fondue/ raclette)
  • Guided tours (places of power, ...)
  • Excursions to the mountains in the surrounding area

Information on catering and rooms are found in Stay green

Stay green

Regional, seasonal, sustainable: breaks & catering

  • Regionally roasted coffees
  • Teas from the region
  • Best drinking water with and without carbonic acid
  • Seasonal fruits from the region if possible
  • Baked goods from the region
  • Meat and charcuterie products from our own butchery
  • Seasonal fruit and vegetables from the region, if possible
  • Herbs from the hotel garden


  • Certified allergen-free bedding
  • Cooperation with energy-efficiency-certified laundry
  • Water-saving shower heads, Joulia showers in 30% of the rooms (heat recovery)
  • Environmentally certified cosmetics (ingredients based on renewable raw materials, without parabens)
  • Environmentally certified cleaning agents (based on vegetable raw materials)


  • The Panoramcard allows you free of charge, like sustainable mobility in the region
  • There are two charging stations for electric vehicles in the hotel car park