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Run your responsibly! Are you enthusiastic about making a small contribution to a great whole?

Here you learn more about it:
The Hotel Seaside has set itself the goal to keep the environmental impact as low as possible, to avoid greenhouse gas emissions and to compensate the unavoidable emissions.

We continuously implement measures for an environmentally compatible organization:

  • Installation of a photovoltaic system on seven roofs (production of green electricity)
  • Heating pump for the preparation of hot water, heating support of all premises during the winter and in Summer cooling the rooms in the training and (if needed) in the seminar areas
  • Motion sensors for the illumination of the corridors (partially with manual function in high frequented areas)
  • Mostly energy-saving lamps resp. LED lights
  • Water-saving modules on the taps
  • Raw materials separation at the waste management (incl. disposal of PVC separation)
  • The exterior lighting is controlled by sensors
  • Eco-certified detergents (based on plant oils)
  • Recycling Paper
  • Busbars at the workplaces
  • Cellulose cups instead of plastic cups
  • Water-saving shower heads
  • Eco-certified cosmetics (ingredients on the basis of re-growing resources, without parabens)

Sycamore maple project Diemtigtal

Hotel Seaside guests, you, have the possibility to contribute actively to a carbon dioxide compensation of your stay, to support the sycamore project of the regional Natural Park “Diemtigtal” and thus to make an important contribution to nature in the Bernese Oberland.

How does this work? Instead of a parking fee for your car you can give an amount of your choice in favour of the preservation of ecological very precious sycamore landscapes in the Diemtigtal (donation box is at the Hotel Seaside & ABZ Spiez Reception).

Basically, this contribution is a voluntary contribution of each individual person but however, can also be booked individually for your whole seminar group during registration

On request, we will be happy to issue a donation receipt for this.
Further information about this special deciduous tree can be found here.

It’s great if you support this project …and soon will visit “your” sycamore in the Diemtigtal.

Ps.: With a stay at the Hotel Seaside you are making an active contribution to a healthy environment.