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Looking for a job in Spiez?

Start your career at Hotel Seaside!

We do everything for our guests – and for our employees. Mutual respect, attractive employment conditions, and a good working atmosphere are a matter of principle for us – just like great benefits:

  • Regular working hours
  • One meal on working-days included; freshly prepared from buffet every day
  • Free drinks
  • Interesting further training opportunities
  • Reductions in overnight stays and consumption by relatives
  • Special rates with our partners, e.g. for bike rental
  • Employee card for Lake Thun with great specials, e.g. 50% discount in the wellness area, admission to the brine bath ...
  • Regular team events
  • We take over 100% of your social security contributions for daily sickness and accident benefits


At Hotel Seaside, your hotel in Spiez, you can expect a wide range of tasks in a progressive working environment characterised by high quality, independence, flexibility, and a sense of responsibility. Browse through the vacancies in Spiez and find your dream job on Lake Thun – or send us a speculative job application!

11 rules for all team players

  1. "Yes, with pleasure" philosophy!
    Our actions are always oriented towards the well-being of the guest and the company. We respond to the wishes of our guests and fulfil them quickly and unbureaucratically. We act according to our guiding principle: We do everything for the guest!
    We never say "no" to our guests! We only want the best for our guests and all have the same goal: to inspire our guests!
  2. As hosts, we are friendly, competent, efficient and reliable at all times.
    Friendliness, cordiality and courtesy are our top priority and can be felt by our staff in their daily actions and behaviour towards our guests.
  3. We are open, honest and direct!
    We discuss things among ourselves quickly and without complications. We adhere to the official channels. We promote a feedback culture: we regard all feedback, even if it is negative or critical, as an opportunity. We are not vindictive!
  4. We resolve conflicts promptly and in a solution-oriented manner!
    Conflicts are addressed and resolved according to the "24 h" rule, i.e. within 24 hours. We pay attention to the right time whenever possible. We stand by our mistakes and learn from them.
  5. Loyalty is a matter of honour!
    We are "brand ambassadors": we identify with Hotel Seaside, we stand behind the Hotel Seaside philosophy and live it every day.
  6. We treat each other with respect and appreciation!
    We respect other opinions. We seek personal dialogue (and not only by e-mail). We listen and let the other person finish what he or she want's to say. We never get personal. We deal with criticism positively and constructively, regardless of language and origin. We say THANK YOU, PLEASE and I'M SORRY. We trust each other and are there for each other.
  7. We think along and bear responsibility!
    We think and act in a solution-oriented way. We take responsibility for our daily actions and these are based on our defined standards, directives and guidelines as well as the legal requirements of hygiene, cleanliness and order.
  8. We act economically!
    While working, we are 100% there for the Hotel Seaside and its guests. Scheduling is based on the needs of our guests or the Hotel Seaside - we are all flexible accordingly. It is the task of our managers to strive for an optimal balance for all in the daily tension between quality and economy. We use resources, equipment and facilities carefully and prevent food waste!
  9. We always do everything just a little bit better!
    We use our experience and vigilant observations to find new ideas and suggestions to improve our performance. For this purpose, we use the internal and external suggestion lists as well as our CIP system (CIP: continuous improvement process), the AMI sheet.
  10. We are a team - only together are we strong!
    We work together and pull in the same direction! We have fun and enjoy our work and show a positive attitude. We are motivated, enthusiastic and inspire our guests and our environment.
  11. We always act in the spirit of Hotel Seaside!
    We always loyally represent the interests of Hotel Seaside to the outside world and to our guests.