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Your wedding in Switzerland on Lake Thun

A wedding in Switzerland – a fairytale on Lake Thun

A wedding in Switzerland offers sparkling water, the beauty of the mountains, the scent of the forests, and the tranquillity of nature. Hotel Seaside, your hotel in Spiez, is one of the most beautiful wedding locations on Lake Thun and in Switzerland. No wonder, since everyday life fades very quickly into the distance here. At Hotel Seaside you can enjoy preparing your unique wedding in Switzerland, the most beautiful day of your life, and can completely rely on our many years of experience. We support you with a lot of passion in the planning and realisation of your wedding. Do not leave it to chance, but leave it to our experienced crew to point the way with regard to all details and to guide you from our wedding venue on Lake Thun into seventh heaven.

10 good reasons …

… to make Hotel Seaside in Bernese Oberland your wedding location on Lake Thun:

  • Many years of experience, evident through many happy wedding couples and successful wedding celebrations
  • Unique wedding location on Lake Thun and located very centrally
  • High flexibility, from planning to implementation
  • No closing time because your wedding in Switzerland must be celebrated by the lake
  • Individual support: we set no limits to your dreams
  • Spacious venues, with wonderful views and terraces in front of the house
  • Personal design, unlimited freedom in implementation
  • Excellent cuisine, with everything your heart desires
  • State-of-the-art technology as well as audio and lighting for the right atmosphere
  • A well-rehearsed team true to all your wishes

As you can see: our wedding location in Switzerland knows how to convince.

Wedding location in Switzerland: Lake Thun

Every bridal couple is unique. Every wedding in Switzerland is special, particularly on Lake Thun. And every wish is the command of our team at your Swiss wedding venue in the Alps – because it unites the individuality of two people who love each other from the bottom of their hearts. Thus, we create a wedding concept entirely according to your wishes. We support and advise you in every phase of planning preparation, and implementation, discreetly pulling the strings in the background so that you can enjoy your wedding by the lake in Switzerland to the fullest. Please contact the event team of your wedding location on Lake Thun to arrange a non-binding consultation – we look forward to hearing from you and making your wishes come true.

The 4 important cornerstones

Firstly, we recommend you to define the following 4 cornerstones of your wedding together regardless of the wedding date:

  1. Reception and location. Small or large, simple or elegant? Make your decision and define the framework of your celebration. Remember that you will spend six hours in this place or room.
  2. Church or place. Have you already checked out the church in your parish and compared the possibility of having aperitifs? Keep in mind that the church should be on the way to your chosen venue.
  3. Photographer. A photo reportage is a wonderful memory that will delight you for a lifetime. Do not forget that! The second most expensive item of your wedding reception can be the photographer.
  4. Entertainment. The evening entertainment can make or break a reception’s success.  Musicians are there to play music and not to entertain the guests with clowns and magic. Decide on a style of entertainment.

Planning: 12 to 6 months before the wedding

Marriage contract
Think about a marriage contract

Select a date
Consider public holidays and holiday seasons

Swiss citizens require a residence permit (residents' registration office of the municipality of residence) and a civil status certificate (civil registry office of the home municipality) Documents must not be older than 6 months.

Family name
Agree on your future name and discuss it with the civil registrar during your interview (see three months before)

Best man
Think about who the best man should be. Make your wishes known to the best man and provide a budget.
The best man can be very helpful in planning the wedding and can take the pressure off you, providing that they set the scene and a precise time schedule.

Create a guest list
Compile a guest list

Create a plan covering general costs

Wedding wear
Select wedding wear for the bride and groom. Renting is not always cheaper!

Wedding service
Take advantage of your contacts and experience of wedding service organisations. A consultation hour or mediation costs less than one percent of your wedding budget.

Menü suggestions
Explain your budget and wishes to the caterer. Only make a final decision two to three months in advance. First you need to know what your wedding menu should look like.

Decide for a car, coach, excursion boat, or car.

Printed matter
Obtain quotations from printers for invitation, place, and menu cards.

Determine the destination of the honeymoon, check passports (get a visa if necessary), and think about necessary vaccinations. All papers should have the same names (passport, credit cards). Apply for leave from work for the trip.

Select photographers and/or videographers and set the date.

Engage a singer, musician, or DJ

Church wedding
Discuss the desired date for a church wedding with the priest

Planning: 4 months before the wedding

Wedding guests and invitation cards
Send wedding announcements including invitation cards and registration form. For distinguished guests please enclose a map of the church and restaurant. Apéro guests should also register. It has a positive effect on your budget.

Send overnight accommodation information to distinguished guests.
The guest is responsible for booking and payment of the hotel.

Wedding night
Possibly choose a hotel room for the wedding night.

Wish list
Think about the gifts that will be on your wish list and look for an appropriate retailer

Dance course
Possibly register for dance classes for bridal couples or for private lessons at a dance class

Clothes for the registry office
Obtain your clothes for a civil wedding

Wedding service
Discuss your chosen event with a wedding service organisation

Contact a professional fireworks supplier. The necessary permission is usually obtained from the fireworks supplier.

Planning: 3 months before the wedding

Civil wedding
Discuss your wedding date with the registrar. The date can be arranged three months in advance at the earliest. The wedding ceremony can only take place at the official wedding location.

Church wedding
Discuss the final date of the wedding with the priest

Marriage ceremony
Discuss the order of the ceremony, the music, your vows, the wedding ceremony, the exchange of rings and kiss in detail.

Maid of honour
Choose the clothes together. The colour white is intended for women.

Flower children
Choose flower children and practice the process in the church with the children

Wedding Clothing
Try on the wedding dress and suit. If necessary, have alterations made.

Order of the ceremony
A rough programme for the wedding ceremony must be set out in writing. Contact a wedding planner service.

Arrange a first preliminary meeting about your wedding hairstyle at the hairdresser’s and fix further appointments.

Discuss make-up with a professional. The cosmetician is responsible for skin care and ensures that your make-up is appropriate for your skin type.

Wedding rings
Choose your wedding rings, order them in the right size and have them engraved.

Stag party/hen night
Plan your stag night/hen night and create a guest list

Have insurance policies checked; for example life, insurance, household contents, accident, legal protection, liability..

Possibly order thank you gifts for guests

Flower arrangements
Order bridal bouquet and flower decorations for car, church, celebration in the restaurant and for the flower children (Don't forget the corsage flowers for the guests!)

Wedding cake
Order cake for the wedding

Update Guest List
Update Guest List

Apéro for registry office
Organise aperitifs according to the registry office

Check budget

Trial dinner
In the restaurant/ at the location of your choice

Planning: 4 weeks before the wedding

Stag party/hen night
Invite friends and neighbours informally, for example by telephone, to the stag night/hen party

Master of ceremonies
Appoint a Master of Ceremonies to oversee the conduct of the ceremony.

Organisation at the reception
Set tasks for volunteers. Leave this task to the best man if necessary

Wedding Celebration
Determine the seating arrangement for your reception, draw a seating plan and present it to the restaurant so that it can be appropriately set. Remember that you are the host.

Write a short greeting and thank you

Wedding Shoes
Break in your new shoes for the wedding day

Wedding dresses
Check the wedding dresses again and all accessories. Add missing items.

Photos & video
Discuss the shots with the photographer or videographer. Where should be photographed and filmed? Create ‘script’.

Confirm your appointment with the hairdresser. Have your hair cut or dyed one week before the wedding date. Also applies to the man. Applies to the bridegroom, too.

Pay a little attention to the kids. A children's table and the possibility to choose a children's menu in the kitchen makes the wedding celebration a special experience for a child.

Schedule/ Timetable
Draw up a detailed schedule and send it to all parties involved (priest, restaurateur, entertainer, best man, etc.). If necessary, go through the festive schedule with the participants point for point.

Planning: 2 weeks before the wedding

Restaurant/ catering service
Inform the cook or the caterer about the final number of guests and any special dietary requirements.

Last preparations for the journey: Exchange money, buy travel guides, and holiday reading material, complete holiday wear

Wedding rings
Pick up the wedding rings, check engraving and size

Gift list
Make a guest list so that all gifts can be noted.

Surprise guests
Make sure that surprise guests at a civil wedding ceremony and in church can enjoy a glass of aperitif. There should be only a few surprise guests, as all guests have to register with the bridal couple or the best man.

Planning: 1 week before the wedding

Organise someone to take care of the gifts that are given to the bridal couple at the ceremony. Provide adhesive labels and pens so that the gifts can be labelled.

Write names on the envelopes with tips and hand them over to the best man

Artists’ fees are paid in cash on the wedding day.

Planning: 1 day before the wedding

Check the weather forecast

Enjoying togetherness in peace
Schedule the civil wedding one week in advance so that you can celebrate in peace!

Seating arrangements
Check last seating arrangement

On your wedding day

Have breakfast in peace

Have all documents ready. There will be no church wedding without a marriage certificate!

Phone number
Have important telephone numbers with you

Wedding rings
Have the wedding rings at hand

Hairdo and make-up
Last visit to the hairdresser and make-up artist

Bridal bouquet
have someone pick you up

Dress up
Take your time when dressing

Leave in time for the wedding ceremony. Punctuality is the politeness of kings.

After the wedding day

  • Thank your guests for the gifts and congratulations
  • Enclose a wedding photo with the thank you cards
  • Let the suppliers, restaurant owners, photographers and musicians know if you were satisfied with their work
  • Settle open invoices immediately: Good start into marriage!
  • Have wedding dresses cleaned


  • Announce your change of name, new marital status, and new home address to your employer, the authorities, insurance companies, health insurance, in newspapers etc., and have the telephone book entry changed
  • Update your passport, vehicle registration cards, contracts etc.
  • Review insurance policies and cancel duplicate contracts
  • Create a shared account